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09th July, 2014

WBCscho headerlIn the words of my husband’s friend Brad, “OH DANG, OH DANG!” Usually reserved for  hot women that walk by the bar patio, today I’m using it to describe how excited I am about being awarded the Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship. I started a blog back in 2010 and had horrible writing and no real focus other than posting pictures. So I shut that hot mess down and re-engaged last April in 2013. I put a great amount of thought into my scholarship application and BAM! I’m on my way to my first Wine Bloggers Conference tomorrow!

Between July 9th- 10th I’ll be gallivanting across Paso Robles countryside on a bus with 30+ wine bloggers to 6 different wineries tasting through about 6-10 wineries at each stop. I probably going to take 50+ wines a day, easy. The conference picks up in Buellton on July 11th at the Santa Ynez Marriott in Santa Barbera County. I love Marriott! I heard your allowed to take one pillow every time you stay at one. Could just be a rumor. Visit to see my full agenda.

I haven’t been to Paso Robles since the first time I ever went wine tasting at age 21 with my friend Robert. It came  as a pleasant surprise to me that I’ll be visiting Tablas Creek Winery which I haven’t been to since that first visit there. I remember paying $10 for my tasting, trying some gourmet olive oils and Robert gave me his logo wine glass. I was over the moon excited! Since then, my two favorite wine glasses have been victims to my sink faucet and have broken.

I believe this conference is important for the wine blogging community as well as the wine industry because wine bloggers make up the community speaking to consumers. They have the trust and ear of people looking to learn more about wines. If it wasn’t for 1 certain wine  blogging dude I wouldn’t have had many of my questions answered at the fresh age of 21. Less than 24 hours to go until starting my adventure.

Special thanks to the scholarship corporate sponsors Rodney Strong Vineyards, Malm Communications,, HelloVino, Tercero  and Cornerstone Cellars. As well as the scholarship committee @dallaswinechick, @awanderingwino, @academicwino, @grapeexp_cindy, @wannabewino and @winebratsf! Without your annual commitment, this wouldn’t be possible for me.

Wine Bloggers Conference
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27th May, 2014



This is one of my favorite place to visit in Amador because the view is so beautiful all year round and the atmosphere reminds me of being at my in-laws cabin in the Utah mountains. In the summer they have a concert series and a huge concert pavilion build into the hillside. I’ve always wanted to go in the winter when they have fireplaces going and maybe some space heaters with blankets and smores roasting with table service and a flight of wine. Doesn’t that sound fabulous! Enjoy my photographs.



Twitter- Helwig Winery









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The Barrel Thief

23rd May, 2014


I’ve visited this place three times now and my last visit was so sunny and beautiful that I took a bunch of photographs. We even stopped for lunch. There’s nothing like a ham and brie panini in wine country on the patio. Our host Kevin was great and had luxurious long blonde hair and looked like a surf champion.








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The Barrel Thief

19th May, 2014


I am way backed up on wineries I haven’t written about but visited. This was the first place I stopped on my birthday trip last year to Murphys. We pulled in pretty fast on a long unpaved road and parked ourselves down along the gavel path in front of the this little country house. The owner was there helping wine club members and was from England. Nice guy and very personable. His customers seemed to like him. Lewis wanted to talk soccer but he was pretty busy all on his own. It would have been great to picnic on the lawn but it was raining lightly. About a ten people showed up all at the same time and the bar only holds about 6 people comfortably. Here are some of the photos I took while visiting!

DSC_0873 (1)









DSC_0895 (1)


Facebook- Four Winds Cellars


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The Barrel Thief



14th May, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

These were some photos my husband and I took one afternoon when I was trying to win a trip to Canadian wine country. I didn’t win but I had a ton of fun biking around Sacramento shooting these photos.


On the pier of the Sacramento river. Not the best biking, you should walk.

On the pier of the Sacramento river. Not the best biking, you should walk.

2013-07-23 09.17.48

Probably against the law. Don’t worry the wine had turned and I wasn’t really drinking it.

Urban mural art. Jumped the barrier to run over with my bottle of wine.

Urban mural art. Jumped the barrier to run over with my bottle of wine.


Ok so the whole post isn’t wordless. What do you think of these photos?

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